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Established in 2021, Energy Training is the newest brand to join the Energy Group name. Energy Training has been brought to life by Charlotte Elmer, due to her background and passion of coaching, HR and support businesses and individuals to reach their full potential.

Energy Training are delighted to be able to offer training facilities and services to those who require a variety of training modules from forklift trucks and cherry pickers, through to time management and coaching courses.

Based in Buckinghamshire, conveniently located just outside Aylesbury and with beautiful views of the countryside, this training centre has all the tools and plant machinery required to deliver successful training time and time again.

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Volvo FH460 - Energy Haulage

Multiple training locations across the UK

For those who are located closer to the Devonshire part of the UK, Energy Training have partnered with RCSC training Centre, who have facilities in Plymouth and are able to offer the training courses from their centre also.

The Energy Group, built over the last 20 years by Group Director Tom Carr and his team, are slowly taking the Events and Construction industry by storm. Providing a range of services from temporary power hire, AV Sales, production hire and generator sales, the Energy Team have all the tools, equipment and experience required to support a large event, power a hospital, or provide you with the latest AV equipment. For a full list of services, please see here.



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