Career Coaching

If you are looking to support individual clients to grow their confidence, assist them to gain insight into critically analysing their career and how they move forwards, this course is designed to give you the tools and strategies required to be a career coach.

It can be incredibly rewarding, supporting an individual to find the right career choice for them, whether they are just starting in the world of work or looking for a change in career. Having the right tools and support networks in place is fundamental in supporting an individual effectively and failure to use these tools correctly or not have them in place could result in your client making the wrong choice based on the advice and support you have given.

Career Coaching
Career Coaching

What can you gain...

Within this course you can expect to cover:

  • Career Guidance theory
  • Understanding concepts and models to support in career planning and development
  • Tools to support decision making and progression
  • Change management Vs. Career Guidance

This course will provide context and insight into career support, rather than straightforward answers. This is because everyone is different, and you will face a variety of different situations during your time as a coach.



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