Emergency First Aid training for construction workers 

The emergency first aid training course from Energy Training will teach you what to do in an accident or emergency situation, from dealing with cuts and bleeding to fainting and cardiac arrest.

Emergency first aid is an essential first aid training course for construction workers. We all know that being a construction worker can be a dangerous job. Injuries and accidents may happen, but a well-trained first aider can be a real asset to a company.

As a first aider, you could save a construction worker’s life. So it’s important to make sure you know what to do if someone gets hurt on the building site.

On your First Aid Training Buckinghamshire course, you’ll also learn how to deal with people who have been injured in a fall, as well as how to deal with an unconscious casualty.

This course is the minimum requirement for any workplace where a first aider is required. A one-day course that is ideal for those working in a hazardous environment where a dedicated first aider is on-site at all times.

This course is suitable for organisations whose first aid needs assessment has identified the requirement for a suitable person to be trained in emergency first aid.

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First Aid Training Buckinghamshire
First Aid Training Buckinghamshire

First Aid at work for your dedicated first aiders 

First aid in the workplace is a legal requirement that affects all construction companies. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the legal body that puts in place these regulations and they make sure you comply. HSE make it very clear that every member of staff must undergo basic first aid training. 

All workplaces with more than one employee must provide a First Aid kit and make sure that all staff are trained in first aid. You’ll need to make sure that your workplace complies with these regulations and that all of your employees and contractors are trained in first aid.

First Aid Training Buckinghamshire is a must for any business that employs a number of workers. The requirements to offer a first aid service at your workplace are laid out by the HSE. Although a lot of workers will have a basic knowledge of first aid, a first aider is a person who has been trained to a nationally recognised standard in first aid. 

A first aider will be able to provide initial life support until the arrival of an ambulance, and this means that a lot of lives can be saved if the correct first aid treatment is administered. This 3-day course provided by Energy Training will give your learners a thorough understanding of how to treat and support someone who is injured or becomes unwell at your workplace until paramedics arrive. 

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Energy Training provides comprehensive training for your construction site

Energy Training provides a number of comprehensive training courses suitable for employees in a number of industries. Together, we can plan a specific course structure that includes injuries and illnesses that may have been previously identified on your individual staff risk assessments.

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