Equality and Diversity

Every business and organisation have a duty to ensure that all employees feel they are part of an inclusive team who embrace diversity and equality. Creating a supportive and open culture within your organisation is key to a thriving business and its now more important than ever that equality and diversity is celebrated and approached openly and without prejudice.

Energy Training have developed a course that is perfect for any employee or organisation looking to understand inclusivity and diversity, ensure that it is prevalent in the workplace and tap into key areas where they could do more to celebrate inclusivity and equality.

Inclusivity and Diversity
Inclusivity-and-Diversity - blog

Course Description

Our comprehensive course covers:

  • Understanding Equality and Diversity
  • Bringing inclusivity into the workplace
  • Tailoring diversity and inclusion to work for your business
  • Understand the importance of inclusivity with real life scenarios
  • Protected Characteristics and Human Rights



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