Absence Management

Absenteeism in the workplace can be the cause of relationship breakdown as well as loss of time and money. Failing to manage this effectively can cause further damage to both the business and relationships within the workplace.

Effective management of absence at work will ensure you avoid the many unnecessary risks associated with continued absence, you will improve communication and motivation throughout the staff team and reduce any financial strains connected to attendance levels.

Managing Absenteeism

Course Description

Energy Training have designed this course to be flexible and practical, using real life situations to give you a more thorough understanding of how to manage absenteeism confidently. This course includes:

  • Persistent offenders and how to manage them
  • Recognising different types of absence
  • Discovering the risks and hazards of absence, relating to the business
  • Professional return to work interviews
  • Absence policies and procedures

Our comprehensive course is designed for line managers and HR teams who continuously manage absenteeism in the workplace and would like to do so consistently and confidently. Whether you are new to management and HR or you would like a refresher, this course is ideal for those involved in employee absence.



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