The benefits of group health and safety training

Group Health and Safety Training

One of the most important things in any business is the health and safety of its employees. No one wants to see their team injured in the workplace. The good thing about health and safety is that there are many ways to run courses to help your team learn how to stay safe. If you are considering group health and safety training for your team read on to find out about the benefits and give Energy Training a call to discuss your requirements. 

The importance of health and safety training in the workplace 

As an employer, you have a duty of care to your team. This duty of care extends to protecting their health and safety. Group health and safety training will help to educate your team on hazards in the workplace and how to deal with them. 

In a busy working environment, such as a construction site or a festival set up, your teams are going to be working long hours and handling dangerous equipment. Having a fully trained team working for you who understand not only the importance of Health and Safety but how to put this into practice to protect their colleagues and other people on-site, is likely to result in much fewer accidents than with a team who are not trained. Empowering your team with training means they will be extra eyes and ears to any dangers or health and safety risks on-site, as well as to ensure that protocols and policies are in place and followed. 

Naturally, if there are fewer accidents and incidents on site, fewer team members will be taking time off due to sickness or incident related issues. This will support your business to retain costs and stay on target to finish your project.

The benefits of group health and safety training for your team 

It is the responsibility of any and every employer to ensure their employees are safe when they come to work. Part of this safety includes organising Health and Safety training to further an employees understanding of the hazards and dangers they could face when at work. 

We have taken a look at the benefit of health and safety training in general, but what about group health and safety training? Rather than offering individual courses, being able to organise group training is a great prospect for many reasons. 

  1. Group training is a cost-effective solution for your business – individual training is likely to come with a much higher price tag due to the number of times you will have to organise it and the fact that your chosen trainer is providing that 1:1 time. Organising group training offers a one-off cost that is generally much cheaper. 
  2. A competent workforce in a shorter timescale – having your team train as a group offers a completely competent workforce in a much shorter timescale as they will have all trained at the same time. 
  3. Most employees feel more comfortable in group training and will learn more – generally, most of us feel much more comfortable and able to participate if we are surrounded by people we know and feel comfortable with. Your team are likely to get more from the training surrounded by the colleagues they work with every day. 
  4. Group training can take place on your site – a great benefit of group training is that your trainer will often travel to you, as long as you have the space to hold the training of course. This doesn’t leave you with hefty expenses from your employees for a day out training. 
  5. Team building for the team members taking part – Your team will naturally bond throughout the day, often working out any conflicts and getting closer as a team. 
  6. Confidence building within your team – working with other colleagues may push employees slightly out of their comfort zone, however they will be confident in the knowledge that they are surrounded by people they know and can relate to – ultimately giving them a confidence boost. 

Outsource your training to a qualified professional 

Wherever you are in the world, the chances are that you will have heard of the term ‘health and safety trainer‘. It is a term that is used to describe a qualified person who is able to undertake the health and safety training of individuals and teams as well as to sign them off as competent.

Health and safety is not just about reducing the risk of accidents on the factory floor or keeping your employees safe from harm at work. It is also about keeping your staff happy. The last thing you want is for your employees to be stressed, unhappy and ready to walk out the door. We all know that training staff is not easy, and it can be even harder when you have teams operating all over the country. That’s why many companies look to training providers to help them deliver training to their staff. 

Deciding to outsource your training needs to a qualified professional shouldn’t just be done to confirm you are following regulations and procedures governed by Law, it is also best practice, and in the best interests of the employees you have. An external trainer will be able to hold a slightly more removed stance with your staff team, whilst providing bespoke training based on your company and your services. 

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Many business owners mistakenly believe that their team members are well versed in basic safety training. In reality, more than half of construction workers have experienced serious work accidents during their careers. This is a statistic that no one wants to see, but it’s a startling one that all business owners should take seriously. With a group health and safety training class from our expert team at Energy Training, you can rest assured that your employees are being trained to identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations that could cause a serious injury or worse. If you have any questions about our group health and safety training classes, feel free to reach out to us anytime at Energy Training. Based in Buckinghamshire with the ability to provide training UK wide, Energy Training is your complete solution for all your training needs. 

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