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Why you should consider group NPORS training

Construction courses - NPORS training

It is always recommended that you seek out training for all aspects of health and safety, particularly in high risk industries such as construction. Doing so will allow your team to grow in confidence, understand the reasons behind procedures, make them feel more engaged in the company and overall improve their safety whilst at work. Group training courses are ideal for many companies who find it difficult to justify paying individually for their workforce to attend training courses. At Energy Training, we provide group courses for individuals looking to gain their certificate in NPORS – a must have for any career in construction.

An introduction to NPORS training and its importance in the construction industry

When working in the construction and plant industry, the National Plant Operators Registration Scheme, established in 1992, is recognised as one of the leading accreditation and registration bodies for health and safety, as well as safe operation of plant machinery.

There are a variety of training schemes through NPORS that can lead to a plant operator being a successful card holder and recognised as a safe and qualified person to handle plant machinery. Whether your employee is a novice to plant training courses or they are experienced in the industry and just need to update their training, NPORS have various plant operator training courses suitable for your employees.

Whilst there are no government issued licenses suitable for operating plant machinery, it is a legal requirement that employers ensure their employees are given training to show they are able to competently operate the machinery they need to use (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, regulation 9).

The benefits of group training programmes that build confidence in your team

Training is one of the most important benefits we can offer to our employees. Not only does it support you to comply with laws and regulations, but it will boost morale, confidence and widen your employees skill set considerably. When you organise training for your employees, you may also uncover hidden talents from your staff that you were not aware of before.

There are many courses available for group training, and these come with many benefits: 

  • Building relationships amongst your team
  • An innovative and cost-effective approach to training
  • Support for newer, younger and more shy members of the team
  • Less time lost on projects
  • Ability to have onsite training at your own facility (as long as the numbers and equipment are correct)
  • Use of a dedicated training centre for less (if you dont have capacity for onsite training)

In the construction sector, many groups of people have to work as a team in order to complete a project on time and within the budget that has been set. Organising group training for your staff members can be a positive way of seeing how your employees work together under pressure, who are the team players within the group and how the relationships work.

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Types of training courses and training requirements for your team

When you work with Energy Training for your learning and development requirements, you will have a wide range of training courses to choose from in order to ensure that your employees have the specialist training and experience required to complete your projects expertly. See the table below for just some of the courses that Energy Training can provide to your employees:

RTITB CoursesNPORS Courses
RTITB Counterbalance Fork Truck Courses (Categories B1 – up to 5000kg | B2 – 5001kg to 15000kg | B3 – 15000kg +NPORS Forward Tipper Dumper N204
RTITB Reach Fork Truck Courses (Categories D1 – 3-8m lift | D2 – over 8m liftNPORS Rear Tipping Dumper N205
RTITB Pivot Steer Forklift Truck Courses (Category P1 – Rider)NPORS Skid Steer N212
Moffett Training / Lorry Mounted Lift Truck Training (Category T1 – Rider)NPORS and RTITB Telehandler J2 J3 n010
 NPORS and RTITB Rough Terrain Masted J1 or N009

Whether your employees have previous experience or are new to the construction industry, Energy Training have the courses suitable for all:

ExperienceCourse Description
EWTFor those who are experienced, they would attend an EWT (Experienced Worker Test). Completing this will make the successful candidate viable for an NPORS card.
NoviceDesigned to provide effective basic operator training for those who are required to operate plant and machinery as part of their normal work duties.
ExperiencedThis course is designed for delegates who have the experience of operating a forklift truck and use them on a regular basis but have not received any formal training
RefresherProvision of effective basic operator refresher training for those who have already received adequate formal basic operator training and who are appropriately certificated to operate the machine type.
ConversionThis course is provided for operators wishing to convert from one truck type to another.

Energy Training – a training provider you can trust 

Energy Training, based conveniently in Buckinghamshire have a flexible approach to the accredited training they can provide. Whether you are looking for individual training, group training or a test only basis, Energy Training have the dedicated knowledge required to ensure your team are trained to incredibly high standards. 

Along with their partner company based in Plymouth, Energy Training have suitable training facilities should you require the space to train your staff. Alternatively, if you have the space and the right plant machinery and equipment available, our trainers at Energy are happy to travel to you. 

For accredited training from the top quality trainers with excellent training techniques, look no further than Energy Training. Get in contact today to book your staff courses and find out more information about our business management courses

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