Women in Leadership

According to Statistica (2021) as of 2019, only 7% of women were the CEO of a company in the FTSE 100. This is a great achievement for women, and with the Energy Training Women in Leadership Coaching course, we feel that this number will only grow in the future.

This course is a great opportunity for women who are looking for support to navigate workplace challenges and issues, create a unique sense of leadership and succeed in the current male dominated workplace.

Women in Leadership

What you can gain...

Our course includes:

  • Understanding and producing a personal development plan that will support with self-development, planning and self-management.
  • Tools, techniques, and strategies to manage difficult workplace challenges and further abilities to lead and influence effectively.
  • Understanding and accepting unique strengths and leaderships through self-reflection
  • Grow and develop confidence and ability to succeed and promote self



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